Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy – Make a Move

Whatever your Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy is I hope it runs true to what you believe. That sounds silly, how can you know your Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy?!? Well read this article to find out why:

  1. Don’t make a mistake or play sub-optimally. You want to be making an assertive move at the pot whenever you are at the poker table. You want to be protecting your stack.
  2. You want to be maximizing your chances of winning by reading your opponent. You want to know who they are and what do they consider their strong points and weaknesses.
  3. You want to know the plays your opponents are making based on the cards they are dealt. Be aware of which cards your opponents are counting on to win the hand and which cards they are counting on YOU to lose.
  4. You want to know what hand your opponents are playing in every hand. based on the cards they are holding. Watch every hand your opponents play, even when you are not in a hand, just observe.
  5. Develop a poker face that you can use to your advantage at the pokerbo table. Your opponents will try to guess what cards you are holding. Make sure you are adaptations aware at all time.
  6. Put your opponents on a style. Once you have identified what your opponents are playing with you now you must play to match them. You want to be the player that your opponents least expect.
  7. Have an effective strategy. Your strategy needs to involve a lot of elements. Such as, people skills, psychology, hand and card reading, positions at the table, probability, profiling etc. Your strategy needs to combine all these elements for a successful score.
  8. Are you capable of this? You should be able to put your opponents on a small style. Once you are the one playing to match your opponents you will be able to do this.
  9. Act. This is the most important element. You should do everything your opponents can to prevent them from making a mistake with their cards in their hand. This includes several things, like, c-betting, slow playing, isolation calls, etc. Your cards and poker hand should form a well thought out strategy. There should be no lapses from this strategy no matter what cards you have accumulated.
  10. Have the bankroll to back it up. You will be playing for a long time, you will get lots of bad beats and you will be frustrated. You need to have enough money in your stack to recover from these beats and to get more money in your stack.

Last of all, establish your bankroll. Your stack size in relation to the antes will determine whether or not you have enough money to be able to play and be successful in the long run. If you have a small stack you will be playing for longer, and your longer, you will have a big stack then you need to leave the table when you are on tilt, and be safe. If you have a big stack you can be super aggressive and win more money, as people are less likely to call you.

In my final thoughts I want to say that to be a winner you need to have a lot of patience. There will be lots of hands that you fold and you will take losses until you have enough money in your stack to recover. You will also be taking your time to decide which pots are big enough for you to take a risk in. You may lose a lot of chips before your stack is big enough to win. I watched a player make a big stack only by building it from nothing. You will also find plenty of players giving you advice that you should consider following, they are usually right.

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